Friday, July 30, 2010


WE ARE NOT MOVING (at least not this year.  we will likely start looking for next summer).

Guest post from my mom :)

This note is for Channah to have read  to her by one  of her parents... 
Things that we have  done while you were in Toronto...and then some, as I  have probably missed a  bunch of stuff!!!

We went FISHING, and bought a  great KNAPSACK, in your favorite color...PINK!  Zaidy Nathan  took you when you were downtown with  Uncle Meyer to buy you 2 beautiful dresses...  we bought you a life jacket so that you  could go  out in  our sailboat...  we went out for dinners, and Lunches and Pizza, and  had a B.B.Q. of  what we caught at the fishing  at the  Yacht Club...  we had sleep-overs and  baked, and     you were at Camp,  and we went to a  Water Park, and Movie nights and  sleeping in Aunty Deborahs Bed... and got to take baths in  a giant size Tub, with  new bath toys, we took your Ima and Abba to Costco and  bought a coffee-maker...  and sent  Ima to school so that she could learn more about  Jewelery making... and you went to a Baseball game with your Abba, and to the Hockey Hall of Fame...and sos much more that I can't even  think about  now...   Lots of Memories from the  old country...and We will do some of that again ... someday...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where were we, where are we, and where are we going.

Who really knows.

Just a quick note to bring this blog a little more up to date.

From June 14th through to July 26th we were in Toronto.  It was a preplanned trip for a cousin's wedding.  For obvious reasons we did not post anything about  being away until after we got back.

It was our first trip back since making aliya.  While the culture shock was more than a little surprising (We did live there for almost 3 decades and here for only 2 years- who would have thought acclimating would be so difficult?) the trip itself was amazing.  We saw so many people and did so many things- well, that will be a whole bunch of blog posts and picture posts and what not to follow.

While we gone we got notice that our landlord had made aliya and as such we have to move asap.  We have until the end of September- sounds like a while, but the chagim eat up most of that time.  We are now desperately seeking a new apartment in the same neighbourhood.  If anyone who reads this happens to hear of anything please let us know!

Meantime, we are mostly unpacked from our trip, and are going to go on a box hunt to start packing asap.