Sunday, October 13, 2013

Polling Daas Torah Style

Tonight I received my first phone call to make sure I was voting for the right candidate in the election. I was in the mood for toying but not arguing. I didn't have the creative juices flowing, so the conversation went something like this.

Caller: I am sure that you have seen the signs around the neighbourhood that one has to vote for Chen. Your Rav signed it.
Me: Yes.
Caller: How many voters are there?
Me: One (The answered seem to have thrown him)
Caller: So I can put you down for voting Chen?
Me: No.
Caller: You are going to be voting for Abutbol?
Me: No.
Caller: You know that Abutbol supports the Yeshivas and the other guys don't?
Me: That's nice.

Some back and forth where he said that Abutbol supports the Yeshivas and I basically said I am well aware of what Abutbol does.

Caller: Do you know who Chaim Kanievsky is?
Me: Yes.
Caller: He would want you to vote for Abutbol.

He basically took that track that in 120 years, if I Abutbol, Kanievsky would be there to greet me as I would have earned Olam HaBa, if not ......

He didn't ask me how I was going to vote or what my concerns might be. Anyone who thinks that election is that simple, there isn't really anything to discuss.

Right now my vote for Mayor is firmly with Eli Cohen.
My vote for City Council is strongly leaning towards Tov.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yom Tov Wrap Up

The chagim are over. The kids are in the middle of their first full school week of the year. Here is a quick summary of the passed month.

Rosh HaShannha/Yom Kippor 

I found these days provided a lot of peace and closure for me.


Peri was here for Sukkot. It was a chance for her to meet the community she will be joining. We got to experience together what it is going to be like to be living together as a family.

As with most visitors she was blown away by the caring and warmness of the community. Of course she was also bombarded by a whole lot of people in a short period of time. Some started talking to her as if she should know who they are. Parking Lot Guy, Dairy Section Guy, Elevator Girl, Girl with the Short Husband, Girl with the Tall Husband, Hyper Guy, Guy with the Beard, Girl I only know by name, Elevator Girl's Parents, Guy Who's Dad I Know are just but a few of the people she met. 

Good friends hosted a Vort. It was wonderful to see so many incredible friends.

It was the first time sleeping in the Sukkah since Rachel was pregnant with Gabi. I missed two nights. Once due to rain and once I fell asleep getting ready for bed.

Shmini Ezert/Simchat Torah

It was the first Yom Tov meal I had at home since losing Rachel. It was just the three of us as a family.

One of Rachel's teffilot, that I would not get Kol Nearim this year came true.

It was the 10th Simchat Torah that I sung this song to myself.

Channah knows she is my Sefer Torah. When Rachel was pregnant with Gabi, Channah decided she was too old to come into the men's section. She told Peri the story and asked if Peri would give me a Sefer Torah.

Shabbat Bereshit

Friday night was my first Shabbat at home. (I have no idea who wins the pool.) Again it was a chance to be family. Lunch was with the hosts where Peri were staying. They finally had an opportunity to get to know her.

Life Returns to Normal (Sort Of)

In the next few weeks life falls back into some sort of routine, while wedding prep continues. Mid November it is off to Canada before returning to start my new life back home in Israel.