Monday, September 7, 2009

It's time to say Good Bye

Today has been a day dealing with good byes. Ariel Mermaid Fish Fish passed away over night. For the past few weeks she has been struggling with old age and managed to hang on a lot longer than anyone expected.

Last night the car we have been borrowing was taken off to be sold. It had been a real pleasure to once again have a car whenever we wanted. After much painful deliberation we have decided for the time being we are not going to pursue car ownership at this time. Sorry Uncle Rob and Aunt Julie, you will have to make arrangements to come and visit us. For those coming to visit there are many local car rental places. I am more than happy to drive with my Israeli license for anyone who would prefer not to drive on Israeli roads.

The right decision is not always the easiest decision. This is what is best for us right now.

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