Monday, October 12, 2009

Succot is totally made for Israel. It was always my favourite holiday, but since moving here it has gone from nice, to extraordinary.

Apart from the fact that we have a great shul with a ton of ruach and no need for alcohl to get everyone involved in the simchat trah atmosphere, and apart from the fact there was dancing and shiurim for women (I gave one of the talks on stones and gems in the Torah and got great feedback) and apart from the fact that there was so much to do that even someone who does not like crowds like me could spend all of succot having an awesome time- the fact of the matter is, the weather is perfectly suited to having succot now. My 5 year old was able to comfortably sleep outside in regular pj's and a sheet. Eating outside really felt joyful and relaxing rater than total PITA.

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