Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Next Day

This morning I helped get Channah and my parents out the door. I got them into the taxi with instructions to the driver to get them to the train. They were off to the zoo. Channah was a little upset because she thought I was coming with. I had my own plans for a mental health day.

I walked down to the Mircaz to get some money from the bank machine. Grabbed an ice coffee and a caramel sufgamiya and headed to the bus stop. It was only a short wait to catch the 417 to Jerusalem. Got off at Benei HaMenua and headed towards Yaffo.

Crossing the bridge towards the train station I saw one of the most ammussing sights of the day. I was surprised to see how much of the train tracks have been completed. In this particular spot there were train tracks laid leading up to a rocky ditch that looked like the beginning of an excatvation project. There were a bunch of construction workers. Each had a tiny shovel and pitch axe. They looked like they were working on a delicate archeological dig rather than a major construction project. No wonder they are so far behind schedule.

I continued my walk down Yaffo, wondered around Machane Yehuda before continuing to the Old City. I had a lot of time to think, while getting reports as the axe continued to fall for those that were away yesterday. My boss had his boss come to his house personally last night to deliver the bad news. The final tally was my department went from 8 employees to 2. Both managers are gone. That does not include the 4 temps who left when their contract expired a few weeks ago. Looking back the hints that this would happen have been around for a few months. While noting them as unusual events I choose to stay positive. There were also some decoys to make it seem that things were Ok.

Wondered through the Old City. The 'Mashiach Time Clock' (Hurva Shul) is coming along really nicely. On a spur of the moment I went to the museum commemoraty the fall of the Jewish Quarter in 1948. It was one room with about a dozen pictures plus a video. It was interesting that there were two major tactical mistakes that may have cost the city and significantly changed the type of issues the government is dealing with today. The first was giving up important tactical positions due to political repercutions. The second was abandoning military accomplishments out of a lack of desire to finish the job. These IDF still has problems with these types of discussions.

I then headed for the Kotel. Coming down the stairs I was stopped by a beggar who I said no to. I then moved to the side to tear Kriyah. At one point I had wished I had requested one of the extra company shirts. That thought passes quickly as I don't have any ill will towards the company. The beggar decided to follow me and start with his sob story. I turned to him very firmly said "I lost my job yesterday. NO" He quickly disappeared.

I then davened mincha at the kotel. I got so used to davening Hazi Kaddish at work that I almost forgot to start my Shmonei Esrei. A few moments at the wall and I headed to take the bus to take me to the bus going home. The walking and quiet time were what I needed.

In the afternoon, I got well wishes from former co-workers via phone and Skype. It really meant a lot. Channah decided she wanted Chinese food, so we all went out and didn't have to worry about cooking. Tomorrow is our quick detour into Tel Aviv on our way to the Carlebach Moshav. Wednesday morning we head down to Eilat. I can relax for a couple of days before having to jump head first into deal with the reality of unemployment. Hopefully things will rebound quickly.

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Aunty B said...

Rachel and Jason,
So sorry to hear about losing that very satisfying (not to mention fun) job. I'm certain it is just another blip on the screen on life and that something good will turn up for you. Helen Keller had some real challenges in her life, but she wrote something that may give you a little comfort at this stressful time.
"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." Keep your eyes peeled and something, maybe even better, will turn up. Sure did for me.
Aunty Brenda