Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A New Addition

Well, it has been a long time in coming and we have finally made the decision that it was time to move forward. The truth is that for a while now we have been feeling a little out of sorts- like something was missing from our lives. Something so pure and simple that you do not really notice it isn't there until you start getting sick and realizing that you just can't live any longer without it.

Yes, I am talking about pure, fresh water.

I know there are those who, out of principle, will not drink tap water in Israel. They think it is dirty or smelly or just do not like it. The truth is, in our old apartment I never had any trouble with the tap water. It tasted fine, did not have any particular smell, and overall was perfectly drinkable. That has never really been the case where we are now.

From day 1 here there has been weird stuff, little white flakes, floating in our water. If you pour a glass and let it sit you could get, quite literally 2-3mm of crud at the bottom of your glass- and the Brita did nothing to get rid of it. I could replace all the pipes for thousands of shekel in this RENTAL apartment, or I could find another solution. On top of that, for the last few months there has been construction going on outside our building and there has been even more crud, sand and debris floating in our water.

We had taken to buying bottled water anyway and were keeping it in our tiny and seriously overcrowded fridge. So Mei Eden was our happy solution. For what amounted to a difference of less than 10 shekel a month from what we were already spending, we could get it delivered to our door and cooled without needed to take room in the fridge.

To those still reading:  There will also be another new addition around here some time after purim.  :)  We are asking people to wish us a long and boring few months!


JewishMama said...
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Tzirel said...

BE"H wishing you a very uneventful next few months :)

Tzirel said...

My earlier comment had my attempt at posting an emoticon removed (I guess the angle brackets did it). In any case, it was meant to make you think of the little guy dancing a jig in your honor.