Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stroller Shopping

When Channah was little we had 2 strollers.  The Graco Metrolight that we used the vast majority of the time, and a small umbrella stroller that we used when we wanted something really small and convienient.  By the time we left the umbrella stroller was falling apart, and since Channah did not use a stroller anymore anyway we just tossed it.

We brought the regular one intending to put it away in case we needed it again- and so we did.   The problem is that the old one is build for Toronto- oversized tires and a huge wheel base perfect for snow.  Large and heavy to stand up to wind.  Folds long and flat to fit well in a trunk.  Nice and stable for on buses.  The problem is all of those "features" turn into drawbacks when you live in a country where everything is tiny and narrow, and snow is not a regularly occurring phenomenon.  Not to mention that you can not keep strollers open on buses here, so I really needed something that would collapse very quickly and easily while holding a baby in the other hand.

So I started looking.  A few weeks ago I went to a Dr. Baby store and found one I thought I liked.  Umbrella fold, nice high handles for Jason.  Lightweight.  I came home and showed it to him on the website, and while I was on the site started looking at some other options and found another one I wanted to look at.

The end of season sale is on now so last year's models are currently on sale, and there was 150 shekel off the price of the one I liked, so Jason and I decided to go over after an appointment today to take a look.  We also looked at the other one.  It had every single feature of our old stroller- good canopy, decent sized basket, almost full recline, parent tray, kid tray/toy, good wheels etc, but is roughly 1/3 the size and only half the weight.  Oh, it also can still hold Channah should we so desire (so can the old one, but this one hold roughly 5 kilo more).  It also has some  removable pieces so that if we need to make it even smaller for a small car or whatnot, it reduces to roughly half the size of the old stroller.  It has a huge all season canopy that comes right down to the front bar to block both sun and wind.

We bought it on the spot.  This is the one that will iy'H be coming with us on our next trip to Toronto.

Oh, did I mention it is bright, eye piercing apple green?  At least we are not likely to lose it by accident.

Presenting the Dr. Baby Paris.

Also has a 3 year bumper to bumper REPLACEMENT warentee (so if it goes back we leave the store with another stroller and are not left strollerless) good across the country.

Old and new side by side for a size comparison 

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