Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pilot Trips Before NBN

In this week's Parsha the Jewish people decide they need a pilot trip before entering the land of Israel. The negative report kept that generation from entering the land. There is a machloket among meforshim if God really approved of the trip instead of trusting him. Rachel and I did not take a pilot trip and the move has gone well for us.

I had an very interesting conversation with a friend this evening.

Me: We are going to the cherry picking festival. This time we are trying to go with someone who knows how to get there.
Friend: but the Mitzvah in this week's Parsha is to explore the land.
Me: I want to explore the land and bring home cherries!!
Friend: That's selfish of you.
Me: Think of what would have happened if the Meraglim brought back cherries instead of grapes. Jewish history would have been completely different.
Friend: The wine companies would use a different logo.

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