Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beuraurcratic Trip Not on the NBN List

Today was a day filled with Olim experiences that don't get shared by Nefesh B'Nefesh. It was a day that did not seem as hard, because I had to a friend with me to both navigate the bureaucracy and buffer the pain.

The first office I went to was the one, where they had a copy of the death notification.  The Rabbi from Ezrat Achim that helped with the funeral had already called ahead to make sure everything was in order.  They told me that normally it would take another two weeks and moving the quickly was not normal.  I like to think Rachel would be proud that I am getting something done quickly.  The woman's face dropped when she found out that I was the husband.

From there it was on to the Misrad HaPenim (Interior Ministry).  We didn't have to wait for long and the only documents they needed were from the first office.  They gave me 5 copies of the death certificate in Hebrew. The rumour that they could produce an English version turned out to be just that. I will have other family members take care of getting the version they want.

Rachel was always prepared.  From her Teudat Zehut they gave me: tissues, bus pass, bank card, Swiss Army card.  They then sliced up her Teudat Zehut right in front of me.  They gave me the picture part, which is the worst picture of Rachel I have ever seen. They took my Teudat Zehut and gave me a new holder (mine split in half, when the documents for the courts were being photocopied). They changed my marital status. Rachel's name is no longer included on my TZ.

It was then on to Betuach Leumi (National Insurance/Social Security).  The guards normally tell you which line you need to take a number for and what documents are needed. It was like no one ever died in Beit Shemesh before.  I was told later that Beit Shemesh has the 3rd highest life expectancy rate in the country.  I wonder if there are some Government subsidy factors that skew that number.  When I asked for a 2nd copy because we had started to fill it in wrong, they didn't know where to get it from. Eventually, went into the office and submitted all the forms.  They were pretty sympathetic.  I will be getting a note, with documents they are missing for processing. Most of it has to do with end of year stuff from the accountant.

The last stop was the property manager, to deal with rent.  My Machsan key broke in the lock. My understanding was if it was minor we would cover it and if it was major they would.  We ended up changing the lock. My friend stepped in to smooth things over temporarily.  As they live in the same community, he is planning on finding his Rav to get things straightened out and perhaps stop future conflicts.

The whole encountered rekindled the dilemna that I know, now is not the proper time to deal with.  Balancing the desire to find comfort in HaMakom (my home) and the desire to never deal with the fear of needing to move again.  Of course the idea of moving brings on it's own set of fears.

I also eased back into work for a few hours today. It's a long scary road ahead.  I just need to take it one step at a time.


Yaffa said...

Jason I am so blown away by your incredible strength yesterday. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you but I am amazed at your ability to face, head-on, the inevitabilities that come with your situation.

Proud Tante said...

Jason, I am so sorry for your loss. You have moved me to tears again.

I will really miss Rachel