Monday, February 11, 2013

Coalition Pollytics

I was reminded tonight of a story that happened in December.  Rachel was really good at coming up with ways to use Channah's toys as a teaching tool.  One Yom Kippor night Rachel came up with the idea, that I would have Channah use her Playombil to reenact the Yom Kippor Avodah in the Beit HaMikdash.  This was when she had a limited collection and it took a lot of imagination to come up with everything we needed. She really enjoyed it and for a while wanted to do the same thing for every Parsha. 

Explaining this whole Government concept has been a challenge for her.  She can understand that their is a Mayor or Prime Minister in charge.  She has a harder time understanding that there are other pieces in place.  She had seen election signs around the neighbourhood and heard us talking about it. On election day we were in Bnei Brak and we saw the Shas and Gimmel trucks driving around, with loud music.

Rachel decided to sit down and explain to Channah how elections work using Polly Pockets. As a result Channah calls it 'Polly' tics. 

The conversation ended up going in a slightly different direction then she had planned.  In the end she ended up explaining how a coalition is formed.

It went something like this.  This represents the biggest party.  We will call him Bibi. His party is the biggest, so he gets to be Rosh Memshalah (Prime Minister).  However is party isn't big enough to form the Government.  Let's say his party likes dogs. 

So he goes over to another party that likes cats. They agree that they can be in the Government together. However, their party is still not quite big enough.

This is Tzipi Livni, nobody likes her. Her party is small but she thinks she should be Rosh Memshalah anyways.

So they join with a 3rd party that doesn't like dogs or cats. However they are in favour of giving everyone named Channah 1000 NIS a month.  So the 3 parties get together and decided that their Government is going to help Kangaroos. They won't help Cats or Dogs and they will not give everyone named Channah any extra money.  Now Bibi can be the Prime Minister and he has his Government.

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