Saturday, March 9, 2013

Counter Terrorism Training

My MIL & SIL, recently visited from Toronto.  We went to Caliber 3 to do their 2 hour counter terrorism course. As an Israeli, it would have been difficult for me to participate. However, with a Canadian passport it was no problem. 

They taught us the basics of counter-terrorism, as well as how to shoot a handgun and a rifle. Aside from entertaining tourists these guys train the counter-terrorism specialist who are the front line responders in case of an attack. There was a lot of emphasis on how you need to be able to think on your feet while carrying a deadly weapon in your hand.  I also thought it was amusing of how proud they were of the "Israeli invention" to increase a soldiers ammo by sticking to ammo magazines together.  I have seen it done with tape and velcro.

I discovered that I am terrible with a handgun. I would naturally try to resist recoil causing me to completely list the shooting target.  I was much better with the rifle with the scope.

During Defensive Shield, I felt a tinge of guilt as my friends were called up by the Army. A son of one family we are close to was in an armoured personal carrier, the engine running, prepared to go into hand to hand combat when Hillary came in to stop the war.  I no longer feel that guilt.

The task seemed simple. Each family had a balloon the target for a member of the team. You would do a short run, and then use the rifle to shoot at the balloons from long range. You hit a balloon you shoot again.  You miss and the next person on your team starts to run.   

While the rules were being explained, a couple of balloon blew away.  It was amazing how the experts had such a difficult time figuring out which team gets which balloon and which balloons needed replacing.  We eventually got it all sorted out.

I was first for my team and started by tripping over my own feet scrapping up my hands and my knee pretty badly.  I picked myself up and finished the short run and managed to hit the two balloons.  My SIL was next and was able to hit the last target to secure the victory for our team.  I then went to get first aid, while they finished up talking to the group about gun control here vs. the US.

Counter-Terrorism Demonstration

My MIL with a handgun. She hit a bullseye.

My Sister-in-law with a rifle

I was a much better shot with the rifle
It was a really great experience.  It has changed the way I watch the crime shows I enjoy.

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