Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We're Not in Canada Anymore

This morning Peri and Shlomo decided to accompany me to my hockey game. Shlomo loves watching the puck and it is always more fun when your family is there to enjoy it with you. It also helps when you have a decent game.

Towards the end of the 80 minutes on the ice an young frum couple walks into the arena. They happen to be in the area and saw the arena with the sign 'Ice Peaks' and wanted to know what it was.

They walked up to Peri and had this conversation:

Israelis: What is that thing they are on? Is it plastic and why is it so cold?
Peri: It is ice and it is cold to keep it frozen.

They seemed confused by the concept.

Israelis: Why is everyone dressed so warmly?
Peri: They are wearing padding.

They couldn't understand what padding was or why it was needed.

Peri explained the concept of a puck and the importance of having protection.

They then couldn't understand why 'the guy in the net' was dressed so warmly.

Peri explained that it was a thin shirt with lots of padding and very important.

They asked if the game going on was the only activity the could be done on the ice or were there other things to do on this ice thing. Peri told them that skating was a fun activity.

When I got off the ice they asked me where to get the things on my feet, so that they could go on the ice now. The idea of playing hockey was way out there. They thought that since no one was going on the ice after us that they would be able to try it out immediately. They then started calling all their friends to join them in trying out this new weird activity.

I am not sure if this qualifies as an 'Only in Israel' moment. It definitely qualifies as never in Canada.

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