Sunday, January 17, 2010

פבואר = Shvat

Channah had her Rosh Chodesh party at Gan yesterday. For some reason she was super extra excited about it, compared to most months. We couldn't figure out why until Channah was on the phone with my MIL erev Shabbat.

Channah: Tomorrow is the beginning of February.
Me: Channah. Tomorrow is Shvat, not February.
Channah: I know. I was just telling her in English.

In summary, Channah can grasp the fact that her Hebrew birthday is 8 days before her English birthday this year (she has surprisingly chosen to celebrate her Hebrew birthday). She cannot grasp the concept that the months on the calendar are not interchangeable.

I wish I could use Channah's calendar to deal with some of the waiting periods with the unemployment pay out.

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