Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In case you have been wondering where we have been..

So, our router from bezeq is having issues. The wireless works great, but the ports seem to be dead- which would not be a problem except for the fact that our voip line is wired into it. No wireless.

When we bought our modem from Bezeq, we were told we get it for free if we sign for a 2 year contract. Silly us, we thought the modem was expected to last the length of the contract. No.

So we called bezeq. After an hour and a half they told us we could exchange the modem, all we needed was an okay from the tech department. Ooops, they closed five minutes ago. Call back after the weekend.

So we did.

Nope, it is out of warenty. Lovely. 129 shekel to replace it (plus shlepping into Jerusalem to get it as there is no shop here), or 12 shekel a month or a year, plus 40 shekel in shipping if we want to take out a customer service contract. Oh, and we are signing on to bezeq internet for another year if we go that route.

So we decided to see what our other options were.

We asked o nthe list locally to see if anyoen had one used. A computer place contacted us and said they had. So we asked their hours. Jason called before he went over just to be sure they were open. He got there. They weren't. They suggested he wait around for 45 minutes until they got back. Keep in mind he had called them 10 minutes earlier and told them he was coming right over.

So he went back today. Explained what he needed. Double checked they were selling him the right part. It was 75 shekel more than it was from bezeq, but was supposedly a better product with a 2 year warenty.

Got it home. Opened the sealed box. Wrong part.

Called them and they told him they would "do him a favour and take it back- and no they do not sell the part we actually need.

He got over there (again!!) and the first thing the guy did was apologize. Ok, mistakes happen. Then he told him they have one used (part we need) in stock. He would sell it to us for the same price as the (wrong part) that was new. No warenty! But trust, him it would work now (no guarentee about tomorrow though!)- he would lose money on it if he needed to fix it. So, 75 shekel more than bezeq, used, no warenty. Um no.

Then he went into a little speach about how people who use him do so for customer service not for his prices.

Ok, buddy. I pride myself on my customer service and use the line about quality of price a lot. This ain't it.

If anyone is considering a local computer place and is concerned it might be this, I would be happy to answer direct questions.

For now, still no working voip line