Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My little helper

Channah has come to understand that everyone needs to help out around the house. She is normally really good about not arguing when she needs to do her jobs- we think they are appropriate to her age and stage. She needs to put all shoes on the shoe rack, make sure her things are where they are supposed to be, and to help sort the laundry. She is also responsible for making sure clothing she would like cleaned makes its way into the laundry- including her ballet stuff.

Also any random things we ask her to do.

But Fridays is her time to really shine. She LOVES sweeping and sponga-ing- and can do a pretty decent job of it. She also is more than willing to do some dishes (mostly a pot or something I need that has already been used) and she is meticulous.

But my favourite new helping activity is far and away her ability to set the table. I need to get things out of the closet for her, but other than that she is good to go. I can cook/ clean/whatever, and know that the dining room table will be taken care of and ready to go when we are ready to light candles.

She can even do the table cloth by herself! She is becoming such a big girl! The picture below is the very first time she did it all by herself.

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