Sunday, March 21, 2010

Channah, channah, channah

You know you have a kid in an Israeli gan when...

Jason- And what happened then?
Channah- Hashem split yam suf so b'nai yisrael could go inside of it. What's his name went first
J- Who?
C- I forget
J- Nachshon
C- no he had a longer name
R- Nachshon be Aminadav?
C- see, Ima knows!
J- then what happened
C- they all crossed
J- and did they get all yucky and sandy when they crossed?
C- yes.
J- no Channah, they crossed on dry land.
R- Hashem made it like tile so they could walk easily
C- no.  they got sand in their shoes.

Moral of the story- God can split the sea, but not even he is impressive enough to keep sand out of an Israeli kid's shoes...

Picture was taken last week on the train into Tel Aviv.

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