Sunday, March 14, 2010

A night out!

Last night I went out for the evening with a cousin of mine from Rishon.  We had planned to go to the anti-segregated bus rally in Jerusalem, but some major traffic  meant that we only got there once it had ended.  Truth be told, I think we both knew it was not going to happen as we decided at 6:50 that she would come get me and we would head off to the event that started at 7:30.  She lives about 35 minutes from me, and I am about 45 from Jerusalem.  You can see how this might not work out so well.

On the other hand, I felt like I had an obligation to try to attend.  There are many who see the issue as a dati-Chiloni argument, but that is just not the case.  There are a large number of dati-im, likely even the majority(!) who also would rather not have segregated bus lines!

So we went.  The two of us could not be more different.  She is from my mom's generation- has kids almost my age.  As gorgeous as I am not.  Chiloni to my dati.  Political left winger to my right.  Vatikah to my new olah.  But we had a wonderful time!

We ended up sitting over coffee at an outdoor patio for about 2 hours just shmoozing.

You did see the difference in location show through though!  The jerusalemite waiter was in a t-shirt.  My Beit shemesh self was in long sleeves and her TelAviviness was in a winter coat!

Tis much better to try and fail and have a great night out than never to try at all!

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Hayim said...

An evening out as a microcosm of life in Israel, including commentary on key social issues the country is facing - nice job!