Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Crow

Today (well actually tonight) is the same point in this pregnancy as we were at when I ended up in the hospital before Channah was born.  Yes I am a bit of a mess.  On the other hand, I know we are on the lookout for any indication that something might be off and are way more on top of things this time round.  I also know that we are doing everything we can to avoid what happened last time.

Other than side effects from everything we are doing, I feel fine.  Of course, last time I was feeling great and at a friend's wedding the night before.  Yeah.  Makes me even more nervous.

This time being stuck in hospital would mean being at least an hour away from Channah and most likely not having regular contact in person.  Not sure I can handle that.  In fact, I know I can't handle that.

I am a bit of a mess.  I think I will pack a hospital bag tonight just in case.

If you don't mind, can anyone reading this spare a quick thought or prayer for keeping me home with my family as long as possible?  To me every day from this point out is twice the bracha it was until now (and it was a pretty big bracha to begin with.)


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