Friday, January 14, 2011

Mesibat Chumash part 1

They make a huge deal here when the kids get their first Chumash.  Seriously, singing and dancing and candy- it is sort of like those Christmas pageants that you see on Family Chanel Holiday specials that JEwish kids never seem to get.  Well that is one of the awesome things about living in a Yiddeshe Medina- you get to celebrate the cool Jewish moments in life.  

Tonight was this special celebration of the girls in Channah's kitah aleph class getting their first chumashim.  A longer video will follow probably tomorrow that shows the singing and dancing, but as a super proud ima I needed to get something up tonight. 

Picture of her with her new chumash and her keter torah (thanks to Aunty Brenda for the stunning skirt!  The girls had to wear blue and white and Channah looked dynamite!)

Being a flower on Har Sinai.

With her brand new chumash

Getting a bracha from the Abbas and the Rav of the school

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