Monday, September 2, 2013

Hoping to Dip a Sweet Apple in the Honey

As Rosh HaShannah quickly approaches I look back on my thoughts going into Rosh HaShannah 2011.

I have less merits than last year, to plead to over turn the evil decree. The only thing I can ask, is that "time served" is enough punishment for my family and that we will have the strength to get back on our feet.

As much as we try to improve and grow our lives still run full circle. That is why we need to go through the whole Rosh HaShannah/Yom Kippor cycle all over again. We may been inspired to grow and improve but moving forward also means sometimes slipping backwards. We need to take another giant leap forward to once again make sure we are moving in the right direction. 

Once again, I have found my comfort in music. This time it is the Fountainheads Rosh HaShannah song from 2011.

You’ve made mistakes- you feel it  --  Definitely
You’ve got what it takes – believe it --  I am trying

So many new hopes, Waiting to find you, Open your eyes, The dreams you prize are all around you
(see below)

Make up your mind, go out and find, That simple blessing -- I did
This is your time – you feel it,  How sweet it is – believe it  -- Yes I do

Without question this was the year of the rotten apple. Apples are supposed to be sweet. Either way we still dip it in honey which is always sweet. Bittersweet is still better than bitter. (I am sure their is a connection to Haroset here). The last two Rosh Hashannahs were over shadowed by sadness and pain.  This year the pain is there.  However the clouds are starting to clear and there is actually hope.

Over the summer Channah turned back into just being a kid. I have found a platform to remember Gabi and help others through the pain of child loss. I have fought an uphill battle to put together a life for myself and Channah. Not only would Rachel be proud of me but she knew I could do it. I believe that trust allowed her to go do what she needed to do in peace.

In 3 months I will be taking the next big leap forward to move forward in my life. Peri and I compliment each other on so many levels. We will be able to build a strong marriage and family for the rest of our days. My hope is that this year all of the pieces will continue to fall into place.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive over the past year, whether it was a big role or a small role, I really appreciate it. I hold no ill feelings towards anyone for how they acted towards me over the year.

I wish that both the apple and the honey are both sweet for you in the coming year.

Shannah Tova
Gmar Ktiva V'Chatima Tova
Chag Kasher Sameach
Whatever other blessings you are supposed to say this time of year.

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