Saturday, April 24, 2010

Channah's new clothes (thanks Bubbie and Aunty Brenda)

This is my favourite of the new dresses.  I am trying to figure out what colour shirt to put under it.  She loves the way it twirls- seriously, huge swing action!

TGhis dress is super cute, but a little wide.  She wore it for shabbat with a bright pink shirt underneath it and a bright pink belt.  Made the dress really pop because of the colour, and gave it a much better line for Channah.

This next one I am not sure about.  Definitely needs a different shirt underneath it, but not at all sure what colour.  I might put this one away for a year or so until it it sits a little higher.

Finally we have teh dress we were thinking she would wear to the wedding.  she would wear it with a shabbat shirt with bell sleeves.  Now she is thinking though she might want to wear the first one as it is twirlier.  I will let her choose.


Brenda said...

Rachel and Channah,
We love them all. You guys choose which you want to wear, where.
Love Aunty B and Bubie
PS. See ya tomorrow.

Jeannette said...

Hello to a beautiful little girl across the world...