Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What country am I in again?

Yesterday we went to get Israeli passports.  It is the last step in our aliya/klita.  You are not elligible until you have been here for a full year.  We were elligible in August, but really had no need to go until now.  An Israeli passport is good for 10 years from date of issue, so we figured why bother going until we needed to.

We got our pictures taken at the local photo place just before pessach.

We went in yesterday armed with pretty much every piece of ID we own, plus photos.  If someone wanted to steal our identities yesterday on the bus to the office would have been the ideal time.  Teudat Zehut, teudat olah, Canadian passports, pictures, and forms including name, parents names, birthdate, iq, shoe size and kindergarten report card.

We handed the guy the papers.  He spent 30 seconds looking each one, put them in an envelope, took the money for them, said thank you very much and we were on our way. 

I think we accidentally took the bus to another country instead of to "downtown" (I use the word extremely loosly) beit shemesh.

Today we ordered our "home protection kits" (read gas masks) from the post office.  When Jason called in they told him the right person is not there yet and someone would call him back.  Someone did.  I think I have fallen into the twilight zone.

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