Friday, April 2, 2010

Day 1 chol Hamoed

So yesterday we decided to spend the day in the old city.  We talked with Channah about being "oleh b'regel" (ancient pilgrimage into Jerusalem for the 3 major festivals) and headed off.  Here is our little pilgrim on the path to the Jewish quarter.
And here she is with the ancient Jewish traiditional cotton candy. Seriously.  It is not a "day out" in this country without cotton candy.
Another traditional element of any day out is an arts and crafts.  A millenium or more ago this might have taken the form of sheep dying or leather crafts.   Nowadays- Temple colouring books and a play about a lost ritual sacrifice.  Nope.  Not kidding about the play.  It was very cute, very loud, and about 2 brother's who lost the sheep they were taking to slaughter.

Dinner.  Out.  On pessach.
As the shul formerly and currently known as the Churva has been reuilt, the whole rova square takes on a new atmosphere.  Being Chol Hamoed, there was live music- but apart from that there were just people milling around.  Sitting, chatting, eating.  It was soooooo nice!
Then we went to the new Aish temple institute museum sort of thing.  First of all, it is GORGEOUS!  This is the chandelier in the main hall.  Real, gorgeous, chihuli hanging from a 2 story high dome.
This is the view from the roof.  
It is also the best view of the top of the temple mount from anywhere that I know of.  
Here is a view of the highest point most people get to, from the point on the Aish roof.  Let me tell you, from someone who is terrified of heights, there is a HUGE difference!

Channah with their (very detailed) model of the Bait Hamikdash.
Us at the end of the night 
Goofing around on the glass toped domed roof.

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