Friday, July 18, 2008

Family is family is family

Truth be told I am terrified to be going. Now I have an amazing support network where I know if I need something I can call my mom or my bubbie and there will be (mostly) no questions asked. We will have the help we need whether it is a babysitter or a ride to wherever.

We are pretty much giving all that up. As bonkers as they can make us some of the time, I am going to miss them whole heartedly. Giving up the regular contact with our families is the biggest doubt that we have. I am terrified and sad. I get homesick going away for the weekend! I miss my mom when they go on vacation. What the heck am I thinking only seeing them maybe once a year and who knows even for how long.

We do have some cousins in Israel who, although we have met a couple of times, we would likely not be able to pick out of a crowd. When they found out from other family that we are coming they sent us the sweetest email offering whatever help they could, and as well offering to come meet us at the airport for the "ceremony" so we will not be alone.

I cried.

I am so scared and sad over leaving my support network here that it was just so nice to realize that I am going to have something there as well... even if they are not as "close" as those I am leaving behind.

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