Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For when we get there

  • Shipper chosen
  • apartment hunt is on (found out I have a cousin who is a real estate agent! Not only is she an agent, but she has worked with a number of our friends).
  • job hunt is on
  • made first contact with 2 jeweler supply houses
  • started looking into medical stuff for in Israel
  • packed all loose beads and most of the findings. Most of the tools are packed and sorted into a small plastic drawer unit that is coming
  • final approval by the aliya centre
  • bought "plane toys"
On this end
  • cleaned out the garage
  • sold the dining room set
  • sold a bunch of book cases
  • mostly pared down our wardrobes to what we want to bring (bagged and given away a mass quantity of clothing)
  • left a load of furniture at the curb (most is already gone!)
Still need to
  • pack (duh)
  • clean out storage closet and under the stairs
  • laundry mountain (Although it is way smaller than it was)
  • buy the air mattresses we want to bring with us
  • but a new laptop and a computer monitor for watching stuff on
  • get my laptop repaired (it is going in again tomorrow)
  • finish packing my studio stuff
  • get sold furniture out of here
  • pick up our Visas and ticket vouchers
  • buy hockey bags to pack in
I am sure there are a million things I am missing, but this is the current list.

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