Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A roof over our heads...

We have agreed to take an apartment. It is a 4 bedroom "ground floor" (up one flight) and it includes and oven and a stove. We need to see if we can get the fridge, washer and dryer included as well.

Huge balcony, suitable for a succah. The only catch is that you need to go through the bathroom (literally only a room with a bathtub as the toilet and sink are in the room next door) in order to get to it. Either that or through the master bedroom.

155 square metres (roughly 1670 square feet) but I am not sure if that includes the balcony or not. 2 washrooms (an en suite and that other weirdo one mentioned above). The kitchen looks like it has pretty good storage, and the living room dining room is a nice size. Includes 2 clothing closets (for some reason on the whole Israeli apartments do not include storage!).

It is less than a 5min walk from the bus stop and a grocery store and down the other way a small plaza with pizza and some other stuff. Only one step into the building and then an elevator or one flight up. Includes central air and heating units, covered parking (not that we have a car) and a safe room.

The bedrooms are fairly small... most are about the size of Channah's room here, but the master is a little bigger. It can handle 2 twin beds and some sort of closet. The dressers may need to go in another room though... another "see when we get there" sort of thing.

Ok, so I am sure you are sick of reading, so here are some pictures. Note, none of the "stuff" is ours.

Two different views of the kitchen. Looks like there is quite a bit of storage in there. You can not see the 2nd sink on the right hand side of the second picture. Room for a table, but we will likely just put the leather unit we have in our kitchen now in there.

Next is a picture of the living room and dining room area as seen from the front door. Not quite sure how we are going to set the room up, but as we are not going to have a tv it will not be nearly as hard. I am thinking of putting the couch against the half wall on the right (by the kitchen) and the book cases where the china cabinet is. The dining room would then be on the near side of the picture (near the front door). I have not figured out the chairs and ottomans yet. I guess I can't do it all ahead of time.

Here is a really rough view of the overall layout. There is a nook for coats right by the front door. Ignore the sizes of the rooms as they were not drawn to scale, and the whole image was just to give me an idea of the layout.

I will post the others when they come in (and obviously pictures with our stuff once we move in).

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