Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stuff we plan to bring (need to still pare this down)

Stuff in grey is potentially on the chopping block

Channah's bed
3 dressers
living room couch
overstuffed chair and ottoman
recliner and ottoman
studio drawers
piano ($500!!! to ship not including the room it actually takes up!)
5 bookshelves - black
green leather dining room arm chair
my desk chair
2 night tables
queen mattress and box spring
Clothing (want to pare down by at least 50%)
Toys (want to pare down by at least 50%)
Linens and towels (want to pare down vast majority)
Kitchen stuff including pots and pans and dishes (need to pare down by 50%)
leather unit in th kitchen
white unit from my parents
coffee table

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