Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Air Raid Sirens

I was walking home from Ulpan today. I turned the corner and passed the Makolet. I was less than two blocks from home when the air raid siren went off. There had been rumours the sirens would be tested for the last two weeks. There had been no warning that there would be a test today.

The next though was how far can I sprint in a minute and fifteen seconds. I figure a full sprint including the stairs, it would take me at least two to three minutes before I could get to the safety of my Mammad (sealed room). Then I remembered that for other cities you could tell the difference between a test and a real alarm by the length of time the siren was on. At that point I had no idea how long the siren had been going for. I decided to pick up my pace and get home as quickly as possible. The siren stopped as I got to my street and I didn't hear a loud boom.

It is now 45 minutes later and I am still in shock from the event. This was just a test. I have no idea how people can handle this happening multiple times each and every day.


Shelly said...

How do you seal a room?

happyduck1979 said...

It is a steel lined room that all new apartments here are built with. The door, windows and vents all seal with steel plates.

Shelly said...

Wow. That is all I can say