Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Israeli Simcha

We had our first family simcha on this side of the world this evening. It was weird to be part of the local to this side of the world portion of the family, but to still not know the majority of the "local" family members. On the other hand, it was great to see the ones we did know and a lot of fun to meet some of the ones we did not.

Channah had a great time playing with some cousins who she is just getting to know. I was informed that one of them MUST be invited to her birthday party next month. I am perfectly okay with that :)

So we had the shbbat part of the Bar Mitzvah yesterday. funny enough it was at a shul right near us. Someone asked if it was our regular shul. we said no as it was too far (as well as not exactly our cup of tea as far as shuls go). They looked a little confused and double shecked that didn't we just live down the street... well, yea, but there are still a half douzen shul that are closer!

The Bar Mitzvah was really nice. Small by Toronto standards. About 50 people including kids for shabbat lunch, and maybe 150 for dinner tonight (plus loads of other people for dessert and dancing after). By ISraeli standards it was gorgeous! Heck, even by Toronto standards it was gorgeous. The music was good, the food was good, the company was great.

Jason actually wore a suit for the only time since we have gotten here (our shul is not exactly a jacket and tie sort of place!) I felt a little underdressed as for dinner it was more "Toronto-like", but once it gor crowded I fit right in.

And Channah looked awesome if I do say so myself. I plopped her in front of the computer and let her watch Care Bears while I did her hair. She got so many complements on her hair. No one could believe I did it myself.

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