Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello from Hockey Land

Quick post from hockey land. We got here to find the "Hotel" was nto exactly what we expected. Iti s clean enough, simple- just not exactly what the website made us believe.

The people are nice- seems a lot of Torontonians come out to this thing. No complaints though. It is nice to see some familiar faces.

In other news.

We got slowed up on our way here by a convoy of tanks. Now, tanks can go roughly 80 km an hour (or so I have been told). Apparently, tanks on a truck go a whole lot slower and can slow up traffic for quite a distance.

First time you see this little spectacle you go "Holy Crap! There is a TANK on the road!" The next time it becomes a little different. "Holy Crap! There is a tank on the ROAD!"

I think we might be getting just a little too ISraeli...

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Marion said...

I had that twice during the war, as our next door neighbours are an army base (tank corps). Twice I saw them moving out a few "vehicles"; I made the assumption they were headed for Gaza.

Yes, I'm informed that the tank towing trucks are veerrryy-veerrryy-veerrry slow moving vehicles. But their drivers know that, and usually pull over to let you pass.