Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A guy with gas

so two days ago I get a knock on my door. It is the gas company wanting to set up an inspection appointment for later this week

I think you can figure out that after having all our other utilities cut off for billing issues, I got a little worried (no, we are fine for finances- on target with our aliya budgeting, just when we got here there were some difficulties transferring accounts into our name). I set it up for Today between 10 and 12.

Obviously I figured there was no way in heck the guy would actually be here between 10 and 12. Or he would be, but that would be 10-12 tonight, or next Wednsday. Or two weeks from Shabbat. Who the heck knows in this country.

I was pleasantly surprised when my doorbell buzzed (yes, buzzed. I have you find one that rings in this country) at 10:17.

The guy was on time, really friendly, and in and out in about 10 minutes. Apparently when you set up a new account (or get a new stove) you are entitled to (Well actually obligated to) call them to come check and replace any worn tubing or connections. Who knew? Not I and it is not something ANYONE had mentioned anywhere.

And now you know.


Shelly said...

All the door bells here buzz or are literally a bell that you have to crank and ding.

Chaya Tova said...

We had our gas line inspected three times in a couple of months, after years of no inspections. Basically, we had an inspection, then another one when we switched companies, then a 'we might as well' one when devora got her stove set up (I was actually told that when I asked why we were being inspected again)

-- oh and a bit after that we got a gas dryer and the gas company had to set it up...they left a huge hole in my wall but that's a different story!