Monday, March 2, 2009

A little more about our place.

I was talking to my sister tonight and I was trying to explain something to her when I realized that to anyone who had not seen the layout of my apartment the fact that we get rain in the bathtub room (or that we have something called the bathtub room) would not make a whole lot of sense. So, to rectify this problem I jsut spent way too much time when I probably should have been doing something else to bring you the layout of our home here.

Yes it is a really weird shape. This is Israel. Weird shapes are normal. As always, click if you want a bigger view.

Anything with a light beige floor is outdoors. Yes that includes the laundry room. I repeat. Our washing machine lives outside. We do not currently have a dryer. We have a clothes horse on the mirpeset that I did not bother drawing in because it is ugly. Out there we also have a fisher price picnic table and toys. I love the fact that in this country play dough is an outdoor toy.

Grey floor is the main living space.

That dark grey square next to the wird circular ish cut out is the oven with storage above and below.

Anytihng green is mostly clothing storage. Anytihng sort of salmony is stuff storage (toys or dishes. The one that looks sort of like a piano is.

The grey things are our book cases.

The bed in the guest room pulls out into two singles or a queen. We also have two air mattresses that beleive it or not fit in the work room when the table on the right comes down (it is just a folding table).

Ok, I tihnk that is about it.

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