Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dira Chadasha

We got a call from the apartment we looked at this morning that they are thrilled to have us as new tenants :) Yay!

It is about a block and a half from here (for those who have been her in the building next to the makolet) a bit further from shul and gan, but we are talking a difference of 3-5 minutes here.

We are moving from red circle labeled OLD to red circle labeled NEW. I also marked in the gan, her school for Grade 1, and the shul. Deal v'zol (the makolet) is in the building right next to NEW marked with a 4.

Picture of the new building. Our apartment is marked with the red dot.

Last but certainly not least is the layout of the new place. You will notice that the studio is sort of hovering in mid air somewhere outside our mirpeset- it is actually a seperate room, with lighting and ventelation on the main floor. It will also have our pessach dishes and baby stuff that we brought with us.

Yes that is a walk in closet and built in linen closet.

Best of all, the people who are there now have been there happily for a number of years, and would be staying if they had not bought something nearby. They say the landlord is nice to deal with, fixes thigns when needed, and other than that is out of sight out of mind even though she only lives around the corner.

The kitchen is smaller than what we have now but much better laid out- way more storage! The sinks are the tiny ones so we might have to resort to doing the really big pasta pot in the bathroom, but overall it is a much better kitchen and includes a working built in oven and stove top (with all 4 elements working!) so we do not need to buy own own. Our fridge is so much smaller than the one currently in there though we will likely get a small rolling upright pantry to go beside it and use our current keter pantry else-ware (like maybe to hold the pessach dishes).

I think we will go ahead and get the new washing machine now that we know a little more of what we are looking at cost wise. We are also going to get ceiling fans for a few of the rooms- much cheaper to buy and have them shipped though than to get here so I need to talk to someone making aliya in July to see if we can have a bit of room on their lift. Hint hint. Nudge nudge. Wink wink.


Mikeage said...


that's quite an old picture; we haven't had a keter chair on our mirpeset wall in years...

happyduck1979 said...

Thanks :) we hear the neighbours are great- except for the penthouse people. they throw wild and crazy parties! (And the pictures is from "The Map"

Shelly said...

Isnt it amazing how a little thought can make a smaller space more efficient? In our first house, our kitchen was the size of the first half of my house here. But had NO storage. In the second house, our kitchen was smaller then the baby's tiny bedroom here, but had 3 times the storage. Crazy!

What si the pot in the bathroom thing?

happyduck1979 said...

what pot thing?

Shelly said...

"The sinks are the tiny ones so we might have to resort to doing the really big pasta pot in the bathroom"

happyduck1979 said...

Ah. wash oversize pot in bathtub.

Brenda said...

Looks good Swirskys. As they say, "when one door closes another opens"...looks like the new door may work out better, as it usually does. Unfortunately some people spend so long looking at the closed door, they never see all the doors that are opening. When are you moving?
Love Aunty Brenda

happyduck1979 said...

I am not concerned. It is a really nice, updated unit, with a good landlord. It obviously has pluses and minuses, but on the whole I think it is a good thing.

We are moving sometime mid August-ish.

Schwevy said...

our kitchen in the house we are in now is a fraction of the size of the old one, but we have so much more storage that we keep our pesach dishes up here year round, in cabinets we do not otherwise use- oh- and we still have empty shelves that are too high to use every day!