Monday, May 25, 2009

Forgetting the Old Country

On Sunday was the Walk with Israel in Toronto. Two years ago I went myself with Channah because Rachel had a jewelry course. Channah was very upset because she thought it was the Walk to Israel. Last year we were able to go as a family again. The problems with the TTC and the special treat of no name brand warm water that ended Channah's desire to walk were memerable for the wrong reasons. It was weird as we were mostly sure that we would be making Aliyah although we still had a couple of 'if's on our plate.

This year while everyone was out walking I was at work and Channah was reaching the end of her day at gan. Rachel had spent the day with her parents in and around RBS. It is amazing how much better life is living in Israel, rather than walking through the streets of Toronto to think about it.

Last week my mom said that she was going out with friends to their favourite restaurant. Channah just assumed it was Burgers Bar. She refused to accept the concept that Toronto did not have a Burgers Bar and that it would not be someone's favourite restaurant.

Channah has spent something like 15% of her life as an Israeli citizen. She is becoming more and more Israeli everyday. It is amazing to see how she considers the culture she is surrounded by is the most natural thing in the entire world. I am so happy with the oppurtunities we can provide her with here that we would never be able to contemplate living in chutz l'aretz.

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