Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lag B'Omer

Massive, 2 story bonfire at the school near our house. Look at the height of the silhouettes in front of it for a size comparison! This picture was taken from at least 50 feet away- and Jason thinks it was even further!

We took the bus to the fire we were going to in the giva. It was funny, the driver was nto charging anyone becuase his machine was broken, but he was saying it was for the "yom chag". It was nice to see every single person who got on the bus get a nice little surprise. you saw them all look a little confused, then smile like they just won the lottery.

En route we got a great look at about 70 or so other fires (those are the ones that were visible, early in the evening, from the road. Some were enormous, some were tiny. One was a live tree stuffed with about a million palstic bags and set alite. Dangerous? Yes. Bad for the environment? Yes. Giving off so much heat our bus had to move into the other lane and we are roasted while we spend by? Yes. Amazingly cool to see? Hell yeah!

This was our "little" fire. It was "only" about 6 feet or so.

Jason with hot dogs

channah with hot dog

creepy picture of channnah with hot dog

there were also marshmellows but those did nto make it into the pictures. By the way, Israeli hotdogs are super-gross. I took one bite and let Channah have the rest of mine.

Everything and anything becomes kindling. Since pessach the park benches have been slowly stripped of their planks. Succah boards magicvally walk away. I do not tihnk there is any wood left in the entire country- no wonder wood furniture is so much more expensive- We need to start from scratch every year!

yes that is a chair
today we had no plans. Jason had to work, and Channah and I were thinking kiddie pool on the mirpeset. Then the noisy truck went by (not the standard kol bo tikunim noisy truck, this one was sponsored by a realtor and had a whole whackload of speaker strapped to the top). It was playing music and inviting all thek ids to a lag b'omer parade at a park nearby.

Channah and I decided to get dressed quickly and run over. we ran into a neighbour with a kid in channah's class who told us it is a huge thing here every year. I guestimate about 1000 kids. give or take 500. I am bad at estimating numbers like that.

Anyhow, it was a Chabad sponsored event. the kids were divided into groups of 20 or so kids and a "leader". they were chanting back and forth different psukim and nice thing. After about 20 minutes there was a giant yechi- but it was sort of too late to pull channah away. Today was a lesson in indoctrination that I will likely post about seperatly. The "parade" wound its way around the main circle in RBSA to a large park where there was an assembly sort of thing. There was supposed to be a migician as well, but as we had run out so fast we were not wearing hats or sunscreen and after being out for over 2 hours and there not being any shade frmo which you could see or hear, I made the executive decision that it was time to go.

channah in her plastic bag vest

some of the mascot things there were also shabbat candles, and a different syle of tzedakah box.

The tent at the park at the end. totally out of room by the tiem we got there.

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