Thursday, May 14, 2009

Doctor's vist (or thank you Lor for kicking me in the butt)

I have been procrastinating.

Ever since the first dust storm that we have I have had a hair trigger on coughing and wheezing. Add the night of a bazillion bonfires to that and you get a person with a chronic cough and a hair trigger. Bad combo.

So of course I procrastinated making an appointment because even at the best of time I procrastinate on doctors/dentist appointments. Lor finally kicked me in the butt enough times I had to make one just to get someone to take a look at the bruises she was leaving.

So I called to make an appointment (for some reason my online access code does not work).

Now, my Hebrew is decent. In some cases it can even be qualified as reasonably passibly fairly good. But for some reason I can only use it in person. I can not understand a thing people say to me on the phone. It is a nightmare! No matter how slowly I ask them to speak I jsut can not make out the words they are using.

So calling the maccabi line where they are fast, rude and not too interested was scary! I chickened out at least twice. They do technically have a "press 4 for English" option, but I never managed to find an English speaker. When I did finally manage to make an appointment, I realized I had no idea where to go!

So I did what I always do. I asked Lor. I think she should dress up as google next purim.

I waited outside room 6 for about an hour (doctor was running behind- I hear that is normal). chatted with some random strangers.

Once I finally got in it was quick, easy and I liked the doctor I saw. Way less scary than I imagined it.

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