Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random updates

Ok, so I have been sort of letting my online communications lag. A good part of that is because I have nothing really to say- it is amazing how nice it can be to have NOTHING worth reporting going on for a little while.

Be that as it may, there are a few things to bring up to date.

First off, the apartment hunt is on and we are planning to stay in RBS. Basically, it comes down to the fact that we are just too darn lazy to uproot ourselves a year after we did it the last time. Fortunately it looks like we will be able to do quite well and stay within 2 blocks of where we are now.

Before anyone gets all up in arms about the landlord being insane, we did sign a contract with him stating he could theoretically do what he is doing. We did not know that A) the world economy would TANK, or that B) he would be so hard-nosed about something that just does not happen here anymore. It was a good place to be for a year, we have learned something from our mistakes about the value of not tieing ANYTHING to a foriegn currency in even the losest sense of the word and about last minute changes being thrown in and being scared to walk away, but Baruch Hashem the whole thing could have ended up a lot worse.

Truthfully the whole tihng might be a bracha in disguise. Better to find out sooner rather than later/if anything were to have gone wrong) what sort of person we are dealing with. At least now we have plenty of time to find something. It is also nice that this time we are local and know a little bit more about what we want and where we want to be so we are not pressured into something we do not need/want.

We are going to look at something tonight that is right near here, a 3 bedroom with a large storage space (We are currently in a 4 bedroom with no storage space). It is a little cheaper than what we are currently in, and as it is slightly smaller the property tax will also be a little lower. I would likely put my studio into the storage space, and although the balcony is going to be smaller we should be just as functional as we are now.

We would likely move during the fist 2 weeks of August and then have 2 weeks to make sure this place is return-ready. I guess I do not get the help of the Bubbie Brigade in cleaning out this year... thankfully with not nearly as much stuff, and not having been here nearly as long, it is not going to be a difficult move. I think our plan is to hire someone for the piano, fridge, washing machine, couch and beds and do the rest of it pretty much on our own.

In other news I turned 30 last week. Yes I feel old. Yes I know I am making my family feel really old. Oh well. To be fair, although 29 got off to a rough start it turned out ot be one of the best years ever- hopefully 30 will be even better.

I was sooooo homesick leading up to my birthday. The combination of not being with my extended family and having people here basically all but do nothing made me really lonely. B'H Jason (with Lorien and Avri's help) managed to pull oversized bunnies out of hats and turned it into a really nice day.

I got home to find a huge thing of baloons on my doorstep from my parents that thrilled me to no end. (Yes of course I got teary- this is me we are talking about!).

In other news,

I got an award!

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