Thursday, June 11, 2009

Door l'Door

I always found it funny how people would tell stories about the days when milk was delivered directly to your home. Now there is a recommendation that Canada Post stop all door to door deliveries.

In our neighborhood the we get all kinds of traffic. The most common is people asking for money. If they are friendly or have a letter from Leman Achai or Rav Spector we are willing to give something. The difference here from Toronto is that they are quite content to take one or two shkalim. Even on such a small donation some of them are willing to shower you with brachot. I had one guy get mad at me (not literraly) after giving him 2 shekel because Rachel was unable to come to the door (she just got out of the shower) to receive a bracha and could only give to me and Channah.

There is also the world of commerce. Grocery stores offer delivery, although it is cheaper to pay for the cab and take it home our selves. We recently started having 2L of fresh squeezed orange juice delivered to our door once a week. Yesterday we placed an order in two weeks from the door to door egg guy. Today I bought beautiful flowers for Shabbat from a kid selling door to door.

I like the fact that small time customer service is alive and well.

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