Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picking Up License Attempt #1

Living in Israel you just have to accept that the first trip to any government office is likely going ot be unsuccessful. Yesterday was my first attempt at picking up my license. I had the hasa to work drop me off near where I had to go. There was a hand written sign saying the felt like being closed for the day. As I saw my driver instructor, it appears closing the office did not effect driving tests.

I was disapointed and did not want to pay the 22 NIS to get into work. I arrived at the bus stop just in time to catch a nesher. The ride would only be 6 NIS (still more than the bus) but I would get to work right away. It was my first experience on a Nesher and my first experience crossing a highway during busy traffic. The only draw back from the taxi is taking the hike up the steep hill on a really hot day. I am hoping to get a ride into Bet Shemesh from a coworker over lunch in my next attempt to get my license.

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