Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well that was rather anti-climactic

For weeks here they have been telling us that at 11:00 on June the 2nd there was going to be a HUGE, country-wide emergency drill to not only test the siren system but also to ensure that everyone in the country knows what to do in case of a real emergency. For weeks it has been talked about everywhere. "Don't forget THE DRILL." "Remember not to forget THE DRILL." The whole thing has taken on the implications of a nuke going off in your living room sort of scale that YOU. MUST. NOT. FORGET.

For information in English on THE DRILL check here.

Drill just happened. It was about a minute long, not as loud as the normal Yom HaZikaron siren, and sounded like an ambulance driving by. Mom and I went to the mamad (sealed room) and sealed it. By the time we got the door closed it was over.

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Marion said...

Siren was a minute and a half, and you were supposed to go in, sit for 10 minutes, and check that you have an accessible, usable safe space.