Sunday, June 21, 2009

The List

So one of the things that I rather like about our location is that there is an Anglo, city-wide list serve where you can psot things going on. There are a number of smaller lists as well, some shuls have their own, one for the Ramah in particular, some in Hebrew, even one in French, but there is one, huge list that goes out a number of times a day, to anyone who chooses to recieve it.

People really do post about anything and everything. we found our current apartment becuase someoen posted it as being for rent on the list. Channah got to meet kids in her class before school started because we posted to the list looking for other kids in her gan. We get information on all sorts of communal programs, sales, shows, events, etc, all delivered to our computers, without needing to figure out where to find it all. Not sure what to do about a particular problem? Not sure where to buy that specific widget you need? Ask on the list. Someone will know and chances are they will be very helpful.

Even knowing you can see anything on the list, this post from this morning still made me crack up.

Names are deleted to protect the ammusing

To: list@...
Subject: [BS/RBS list] Transportation Needed for Shidduch

I have a rare Male double yellow head amazon parrot. His name is Basil. We
live in Nofei Aviv.
His Kallah is a female of the same background. Her name is Peppi. She lives
in Mevo Modiin.
Their shidduch is being detained due to lack of transportation and the
Chasson is getting very
anxious. B"H, They want to start a family as soon as possible! We need to
get Basil to Mevo Modiin
hopefully this week.
Mevo Modiin is a wonderful place for a tiyul with your children. If you have
a few hours available
to do this mitzvah and provide a great time for your kids as well, please
contact me.
Basil and Peppi will be most grateful!
Mazal Tov!

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