Monday, April 20, 2009

I love when customer service actually exists!

I had something built by my handy guy when we first got here. It is a table i nmy studio that takes a tremendous amount of wear and tear as it house my rolling mill, my polishing machine and my vice. Somewhere before pessach, one of the legs fell off.

Now, as it stands I was still rather impressed with the piece because missing a leg it was still strong enoguh and sturdy enough that I could use it for anything I needed (albeit somewhat delicatly). It was not urgent so I decided to wait until after pessach to deal with it- I figured before pessach there was no way my handy guy had time to come by anyway.

So I called him yesterday and left a message figuring it would be at least a week until I heard from him. Last night he returned the call, and offered to coem this morning at 9. I figured sure. So I was up and ready early this morning even though I did not really expect him to be here until at least 11.

9:02 my door buzzer rings. He is here. He gets right to work, fixes the problem, helps me with a little advice on how to put up the awning we bought for the mirpeset last night and is on his way by 9:15- WITHOUT CHARGING ME AN AGURAH!

Oh my gosh this guy should offer lessons in customer service!

If anyone is looking for a handy guy I totally recommend Handy Randy.

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