Thursday, April 16, 2009

We interupt your examining our pessach issues for this brief announcement

Today I had my disaster of a grocery shopping trip that supposedly every new olah has. I thought I got off easy as other than trying to figure out shmitah I have never yet broken down into tears in the grocery store. Today I got teary at the butcher counter.

I asked for 6 pieces of chicken for schnitzle. I was told to come back in a few minutes and it would be ready. Alarm bells should have been going off already as there re normally just a stack of them behind the counter and they just grab em, weigh em and package them right up, but as it was the day after pessach I did not think too much of them not having stuff ready and went and did the rest of my shopping.

I got back to find 3 whole chickens cleaned and cut, with the breast de-boned and waiting for me, and him about to start the second set of 3.

Do you have any idea how expensive 3 whole chickens cleaned and cut, with the breast de-boned are? I am soooooooooo glad I caught him before he did the "other 3". I got yelled at and a lecture from the guy with dead meat all over his hands for not ordering right (still not sure what I did wrong as it was the same thing I order fairly regularly and this time juts was totally different. It was a different guy as well and I was barely able to understand him!

Not only that he had used the more expensive chickens as he thought I had motioned to them.

over 130 shekel for 3 damn birds.

Oh well. I have 3 carcasses for soup (well actually 2 as I am making a stock right now with number 3). 6 polkas (Channah's favourite), 6 wings (no idea what I will do with those as none of us like wings) and 6 thighs ready to go for another shabbat (or two) and all with no feathers! (which really is a novelty in this country.

It was still twice what I should have paid for 3 chickens, but I am counting my blessings I got ot him before he did the other half!

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