Tuesday, April 7, 2009

pessach stuff and random information

They sell this uber thick foil here for covering stuff. It is more like thin sheet metal than thick foil. Someoen seriously needs to start bringing this stuff in to Toronto for pessach. It is awesome and easily cuttable with an exacto knife and stays put. Took about 5 minutes to cover all the counters. This is my Jetson-esque silvery kitchen. I still need to cover shelves in the fridge and close off cubboards (we got "Chametz" stickers from a local kupah) but other than that we are done. No taping, anywhere except the base of the stove which you note is uncovered because it would not stay last night and we ran out of tape.

By the way, what you see is what I got when it comes to counter prep space. Small section next to each sink.

Looks so much nicer in aluminum than normal. My counter tops are U - G - L - Y - ! - ! - !

In other news, Channah's Hebrew has come leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. She is starting to play with her friends and even by herself in Hebrew. Most of her Barbies and Pollys now speak Hebrew (Although Pooh Bear is still very much an Anglo and I suspect always will be!)

She can do her whole gan tefillah and bentching in a great little accent and not miss a single word. we are reading stories in Hebrew (Ha'Etz Ha'Nadiv- The Giving Tree- is a current favourite). Her printing has gotten soooo much better in the last 2 weeks or so that it is really legible now 9unlike when we sent out our pessach cards!) I can write out something for her and she can copy it with few problems (although Gimmel legs tend to be on the wrong side which I find incredibly amusing as I had that problem for years!)

Pessach tiyulim are shaping up to look like a lot of fun. Friday (yom tov sheini shel chu'l for you people) is probably going to be a learn to ride a bike day at the park not far from here. It has a good circle track to learn on.

Sunday we are going on the NBN family trip. A trip to the desert that includes a 2 hour hike followed by camel riding, a jeep tour, and a visit to a Beduine tent. We did the Chanukah trip and had an incredible time so we are hoping this is just as good.

Monday we are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo
you can come too, too, too

oh, and did I mention that I finally understand the whole Chag Ha'aviv thing? It is GORGEOUS here. No coat weather. Thinking abotu gettign a kiddie pool weather. Trying ot decide if it is to warm for sockss weather.

Yeah. So there.

Channah doing what she does best. Asking questions we really do not feel like answering. But at least she is cute while she is doing it. Oh, when she gets the giggles parts way through it is because she said "echad pa'ami" (colloquial for disposable- as in plastic plates or foil pans) rather than "pa'am echad".

I am so proud of how well she sings the Mah Nishtanah. I am really hoping she does it at the seder- you never really know with her if she will chicken out or not. We are encouraging her with what an AMAZING job she does, and bought her the Disney version of Old Maid and Crazy eights for a "prize". She is also getting a new bike (her knees are hitting her handle bars right now). It is a pink two wheeler with training wheels. Ok it is a little elaborate for an afikoman gift, but pessach is really more of an excuse becuase we had planned to get her a new bike anyway. We were going to do it for her birthday but they were not out yet. She got a learn to tell tiem watch instead so it is not like we just tossed the money away as the watch is a great learning tool- she loves it and it seems to be working.)

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