Thursday, April 16, 2009

Seders- yes plural

For the first seder We were at cousins around the corner. We had a really nice time and I love seeing how much Channah loves spending time with their kids. It was also the first time I have really gotten a chance to get to know his parents (my mother's generation) and funny enough it turns out they are just as nice as he (and his family) is (are).

The next night we were tryign to figure out what to make for dinner since yom tov was not over for another couple of hours and we realized that Channah was having her own little seder with some of her best friends (yes mom, that is the pessach set you got her last year- she had a blast with it this year.)

Firstly, it was way too cute for words. I mean, just look at this picture of Channah with Pooh, Gus and Mimi. (Auntry Brenda, if you see Shelly please let her know Mimi is being very well taken care of but might have had too much wine to make it home on her own).

Secondly, it was really amazing to realize how much she had picked up the night before. She was offering her friends treats for getting the right answers, Mimi managed to bark out the 4 questions (or at least a few of them until Channah could not remember which one she was on and just did them herself in Hebrew). She made sure to remove the kearot before serving "shulchan orech" (crappy O's chocolate pessach cereal and string cheese).

The video gets a little goofy but I had to include it. Enjoy :)

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