Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pesach Quirks

Bits and Pieces from Yom Tov.

The stated objectives of the Seder were
1. Children to be awake for Nirsah (the ending),
2. Not to try to win any contests for latest Seder.
3. Finish the Afikoman by Chazot (00:04)

The seder finished at 1:55 with the two 5 year olds being the only children awake. We had a great time.

When we sat down to make Motzei for lunch, Channah asked if the matzah was for dessert.

Discoverd the difference from year round and Pesach New York Super Fudge Ice Cream. The chocalate chunks are substituted with chocolate covered almonds.

Food Experiments: Channah put Choco O's onto her Matzah. She also dipped her Matzah into her chocolate ice cream.

After Yom Tov, Channah sat down with a wooden Pesach set and had a seder with her closest stuffed animals (Pooh, Gus and Mimi). Mimi is the youngest so she said Mannushtanah in her doggy way. (Woof, Woof ......)

There is a custom in Sefat to sing Echad Me Yodeah in Arabic. Which means at the seder they were singing Allah Ah Bar.
I really like the seder as a one shot deal and not worrying about having a "do over" the next night.

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