Friday, April 17, 2009

Ramat HaNegev Trip with NBN

It was hot. Really I am not sure I need to add any more to this entry but that oen piece of information for you to get the picture of the day. There is no slowly easing into the hot weather when you got to the NEgev just as it is starting to get warm.

But we had our water and our sun hats and were good to goo. I mean go. Both work.

We got on the (slightly overbooked) bus at 9 something in the morning. Channah was aslepp by 9 something +1. Jason was asleep by 9 something +2. I think I might have made it to 9 something +5 before the next thing I remember is pulling into the rest stop.

About 2 something hours later we arrived at our first stop. Lunch. Lunches over pessach are a little more challenginf, but I think we did okay. We had to bring two meals with us, and for the whole day we brought a combination of yogurt (defintly for lunch as it was not going to make it without the bus's air conditioning!) hard boilled eggs, tuna patties, cut up celery, cucumbers and carrots, string cheese, and a few mini chocolate bars. Oh, and I think 8 frozen water bottles. I feel like I am forgetting something, but I am not sure what.

channah with Egg on her face.

After lunch we met our tour guides and broke off into our hiking groups. We were hiking in an area called Ein Ovdat right near Ben Gurion University.

Right near the start of the hike
the middle

somewhere near the middle. Idid not get a picture of the waterfall at the end as it was right around then that Channah tripped over a rock and my first aid kit became required. Beleive it or not I forgot to go back for the picture. Sometimes the mommy in me just takes over. She is fine and a great little troupe but I think the one on her elbo might leave a scar.

After the hike there were a few minutes to kill. Channah and I ran for a pit stop of our own, and Jason went over to the grave of Ben Gurion and his wife. Apparently the view from there is spectacular. Unfortunatly, the sun was so bright we could nto see the screen on the camera at all so it was sort of point and shoot and hope you get something worthwhile and this is the best of the pictures from the grave site.

We heard rumour after the fact that apparently it is the site of many a late night rendevous for Bengurion University students. We were just glass we did not touch the stones...

From there we got to go on a jeep tour. This was the entire reason I had signed up for the trip :) I have never done anything like that and I was super excited. I am proud to say I was the first woman on one of the jeeps (or jeepees as Channah calls them) even before the "how to get on this thing" demo.

our "jeepee" pit stop for a game

oasis in desert. How cool is this!
The potential last ride of the day. We skipped it as Channah is terrified of camels and we have both already done it. we had tea with Beduines instead.

We got back to RBS around 9:30. We made some new friends and even though a lot of thetrip was pure chaos had a really good time.

We finished the chag by going for shvii to friends in Kiryat Sefer. OTher than getting lost on our way home (just a little) it was just fun and uneventful.

And that was our pessach. Funny how purim took more entries than pessach did, and pessach is 8 times as long.

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