Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our day in the old city

We (Channah, my mom and I) spent yesterday in the Old City. Channah wanted to take my mom to one of her favourite place- Migdal David.

This picture is not doctored in any way. The sky really was that blue and there was not a single cloud in it!

Hanging out in the "castle"

Once we found our little buggy friends we met up with a frind who lives in the old city to borrow her comb and her bathroom. IT was great to see her again even under less than perfect circumstances.

After that we wandered and hung our around the Rova, went to the Kotel for mincha, grabbed a nice dinner at Ben Yehuda then went back to the Migdal David for the light show (which was truly "maxim" and totally woerth doing!

For your viewing pleasure, 2 videos of Channah dancing.

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Aunty B said...

Loved the pix and videos.
Rachel and Myra, couldn't you sing along with Channah's dancing?
More please!
love aunty b