Thursday, February 19, 2009

This amuses me

I am amused by the things that get our blog as an answer on google. I wonder if Beth Tzedek knows how many people are looking for them... maybe we can strike a deal or something.

beth tzedek toronto10
beth tzedek rally9
beth tzedek6
rally at beth tzedek4
rally beth tzedek4
investing in the current market4
israel rally beth tzedek3
israel rally toronto beth tzedek3
pro-israel rally toronto3
one fish two fish red fish blue fish quotes3
ordinary day-emilie mover3
kosher internet filter3
beth zedek rally2
beth tzedek rally toronto2
shanah tova2
kia scam2
the dodos2
rabbi machlis1
beth tzedek food1
learning menorat hameor1
beth zedek bathurst st1
metulah dining1
am frnds of lema1
israel biggest blowout in history ice hockey1
kibbutz k'far giladi1
ezrat achim beit shemesh1
ezeh chamud1
eretz yisroel museum1
magen boys1
shacaris yeshiva pictures1
price of 5 room apt in ramat beit shemesh1
magen boys toronto1
minyan factory1
largest minyan1
grace period for sal klita?1

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