Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We are now real Israeli's

We have done worms, we have done lice.

I think we are now officially card carrying Israeli's.

I think seeing something moving in my kids hair was truly one of the grossest thing I have ever seen. Yes, I know that here it is just part of life. Yes I know it is normal. Yes I know there is no judgment attached to it.

Still gross.

We were in the old city yesterday at Migdal David with my mom (more on that and pictures later) and all of a sudden we noticed her scratching her head. A lot.

I called my friend Rochelle who lives there and asked where to get a comb to at least give channah some relief until I could poison her head. she told me I was being silly and to just come over to use hers. So I did.

Interesting circumstances to reconnect with an old friend!

Be that as it may, we had a nice visit and when we left my kid smelled like black licorice (a scented oil that supposedly helps agitate the bugs to make them easier to find.

We have been combing and combing and combing. I find two in my hair (ick ick ick!!!) and combing some more. I think I have them all.

I poisoned my head, but have not poisoned hers. Everyone tells me that so long as I comb religiously I should be able to get them out without resorting to poisoning my child.


Pesky Settler said...

Combing through hair quickly became part of our Friday pre-Shabbat prep... Every other week was just combing and at least once a month was margarine heads.. soften a block of margarine, smear into their hair, making sure to get to the scalp. Wrap in plastic wrap then cover tightly with a scarf or shower/bathing cap. Leave for an hour. The margarine smothers the lice and loosens the nits. Then sit and comb it all out and then let them shower with dishwashing liquid instead of shampoo... much more effective than the poison and safer too.

Anonymous said...

lice attack clean hair, do the uncle meyer and stop all showers immediatley!!

Aunty B said...

Is wantsomegrapes, deb? Funny!
I guess Safta is not worried. See Myra there are some perks.